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An Update on the Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine

December 18, 2020

As a scientist with experience in the medical field, people have asked me to comment on the COVID 19 vaccines. I have read many medical studies so I can read lengthy studies VERY quickly because I know what is important and where to look. Reading the Food and Drug Administration report on the Pfizer vaccine yielded some INTERESTING results.   […]

Health Risks Associated with Tattoos

October 2, 2015

Health Risks Associated with Tattoos Tattoos are an art, a way of self-expression. But if you’re not careful, they may also cause a string of health risks. This is why health authorities warn against the safety of getting tattoos, especially when tattoo inks are not heavily regulated by the FDA. Here are some health risks associated […]

When are Spa Treatments Considered to be Medical?

August 26, 2015

I have written many articles on what services are medical and which ones are spa.  Despite what appears to be a clear line, there is a lot of questions concerning this distinction. I respond to many threads on LinkedIn as they relate to this topic and I am a bit surprised at the misinformation and […]

Independent Contractor / Employee Status in Medical Spas

August 19, 2015

The employee/Independent contractor scenario in spas and medical spas is very complex. The determination of whether a professional staff member is an employee or independent contractor is not easy to address. One thing that IS clear; the agreement that may be in effect is not the most significant issue. You can classify a professional staff […]

Which Medical Spa Treatments can an Esthetician Perform?

August 19, 2015

I am frequently asked to comment on the distinction between what is medical and what is aesthetic (non-medical)….the lines are blurry but in my opinion, they are being violated on a daily basis. The practice of medicine is relatively easy to define….it is the diagnosis OR treatment of a medical condition.  Good, bad or indifferent, […]

Operation of Medical Lasers and Devices

July 11, 2013

It never ceases to amaze me how many medical products are marketed for use to the non-medical market. There are so many skin care products making outrageous claims and product manufacturers making claims about their devices and all the while, marketing them to people who cannot legally perform services with the device. This problem is […]

Are We Living in America or a Land of No Freedom of Choice?

February 24, 2013

Virtually every day, there is a story about something that we cannot eat or drink…or DRIVE. I am a car fanatic and when I travel to Europe, I see all of the fuel efficient and cool cars that we cannot have because of our burdensome regulations – Citroen, Alfa Romeo, Peugeot, Renault (most are French, […]

A Colossal Waste of Tax Payer Dollars (Not to Mention Cruelty to Animals)

January 19, 2013

I was minding my own business working out. The TV was on HLN and I was watching a Jane Velez piece on a University of Wisconsin-Madison study. In these experiments, baby monkeys are separated from their mothers right after birth and later subjected to scary tests to provoke fear and anxiety. The monkeys are then killed and dissected […]

Having a hard Time Understanding This….

January 16, 2013

Lance Armstronmg is all over the news…what he did was a disgrace to himself and our nation. However, he has done a lot of good for a lot of people. That part is genuine and true. Here is the part that I do not understand. The United States Postal Service is running in the red […]

Every Medical Spa Professional Needs a Marketing System

January 1, 2013

Everyone has a system…professional gamblers have a system…anyone directly in sales has a system that they must follow. However, most medical spa professionals do not have an organized, structured system. I have developed what has been working exceptionally well for me. I designate 1-2 hours each day on SEO and networking. I refer to this […]