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Revenue Cycle Management: What is It?

Many do not realize that healthcare is the largest industry in the United States. Healthcare comprises about 15% of US GDP. It is not surprising that healthcare is also the most heavily regulated industry. Equally troubling is the realization that most healthcare facilities are not professionally managed. This is hard to imagine.

For most facilities, medical billing and coding is the lifeline of the facility. Billing and coding is only part of the equation. Revenue cycle management (RCM) is a more comprehensive/full circle view of managing the financial aspects of a modern medical practice. RCM is frequently professional, outsourced comprehensive array of services that complete the circle of a full service view of a modern medical facility.

Two of the best RCM companies that I have encountered are and . These two companies excel at revenue cycle management because they utilize tech experts, certified billing and coding experts as well as physicians and doctors in the delivery of their services.

In tis challenging healthcare environment, you meed seasoned professionals to assist you and these two entities are the best.

Paddy Deighan JD PhD


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