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Ever Wonder Why the Government Always Needs Money?

Love the emergency calls from clients during the holidays. We all receive them and it is seldom an emergency.  Certified mail from the IRS. Never a good thing. I maintain that nothing good comes certified mail LOL  Terry Bradshaw brings the check to you in a van – not certified mail!

So I advise the client that I just received the letter to and I will look into it. I received the letter too.

The IRS claims that the corporate client paid its taxes late. I do not file taxes, However,  by the acknowldgement on the notice, the taxes were filed timely and paid timely.  The Internal Revenue Service impounded a late fee of 84 cents . Yup, 84 cents. HOWEVER, the interest on the 84 cents is magically 92 cents after two months @ 6% statutory interest.

Internal Revenue Service

So the printing and mailing far exceeded the amount owed even if it was owed.  Not to mention that the amount is not owed.

As a final act of government efficicency, the notice was dated December 22, 2020 but the payment was due December 5, 2020.

Ya just can’t make this stuff up.

Paddy Deighan J.D. Ph.D


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