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Britain Bans BOGO on Unhealthy Foods!!

In the country’s quest to save people from themselves, the Britain will ban “buy one get one free” offers, and other promotions, on unhealthy food items.

The rules which go into effect in April 2022 also forbid restaurants from giving free soda refills, and stop unhealthy items from being featured at the checkout.

The argument is that obesity related illness costs the socialized healthcare system of the UK 6 billion pounds per year. Who calculates this nonsense? Ya sure it isn’t 7 billion pounds?

Therefore the government has the right to dictate health standards to citizens and business alike.

Sounds a bit reminiscent of NYC Mayor Bloomberg’s soda ban a few years back. How’d that work out for saving health care dollars?

Sure curbing obesity is a noble objective but is this really going to work? If we want to really eat unhealthy food we are going to do it. Fact of the matter is that healhty food is waaay more expensive than unhealthy food. Lower the cost of health food!

The U.K. study determined that BOGO offers increased consumer purchases by 20% and this may be a good thing…but not if the consumer is buying unhealthy food in the eyes of the British government.

Thank God they lost the right to ram this down our unhealthy throats 244 years ago…but then again…we have our own insanity.

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