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A Colossal Waste of Tax Payer Dollars (Not to Mention Cruelty to Animals)

January 19, 2013

I was minding my own business working out. The TV was on HLN and I was watching a Jane Velez piece on a University of Wisconsin-Madison study. In these experiments, baby monkeys are separated from their mothers right after birth and later subjected to scary tests to provoke fear and anxiety. The monkeys are then killed and dissected […]

Having a hard Time Understanding This….

January 16, 2013

Lance Armstronmg is all over the news…what he did was a disgrace to himself and our nation. However, he has done a lot of good for a lot of people. That part is genuine and true. Here is the part that I do not understand. The United States Postal Service is running in the red […]

Ethical Considerations in an Aesthetic Medical Practice

January 14, 2013

Ethical Considerations in an Aesthetic Medical Practice There is no question that aesthetic medical providers face a higher risk of professional liability. Aesthetic medical providers take great care in selecting appropriate liability insurance coverage. However, it is equally true that such providers also face a greater risk of ethical allegations and they can come from […]

Every Medical Spa Professional Needs a Marketing System

January 1, 2013

Everyone has a system…professional gamblers have a system…anyone directly in sales has a system that they must follow. However, most medical spa professionals do not have an organized, structured system. I have developed what has been working exceptionally well for me. I designate 1-2 hours each day on SEO and networking. I refer to this […]