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Medical Fee Recovery – We Collect Medical Provider Fees

  • Every medical practice has hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars in aged accounts receivables that are deemed to be “uncollectible”. These are typically more than 120 days old since initial billing.
  • Once billing has reached this stage, it is highly unlikely that a medical provider will collect the fees they are owed. The reason is that most practices are not capable of collection at this stage for the following reasons:
  • Procedures were improperly billed and subsequent efforts did not correct this;
  • Insurance companies are aware of the practices they can avoid paying – they track this. Once a provider is on a “list” it is more likely that their claims will be denied or remain unpaid.
  • Inadequate training of billing staff…for reasons discussed below.
  • ICD-10 and ICD-11 have dramatically complicated an already complex billing and coding environment.

How We Can Help?

Our programs have been in existence since 2015. Our staff is highly trained in ICD-10 and ICD-11. Most medical billing staffs have minimal training in the complex array of codes. For example, ICD-10 has more than 72,000 codes.  Billing and coding certification courses were 3-4 months in recent past. Now however, they are ONE TO TWO YEAR courses – frequently on a college level!

Our staff is up to date on all aspects of billing and coding. One of our participating attorneys has reviewed thousands of practices over 30 years and he has yet to find one with a fully trained staff.

He has developed the program we call “Medical Fee Recovery”.

The core of our program is attorneys. You need them on your side. They know how to collect the fees that you have earned. They know the secrets that insurance companies will never tell you. One of our attorneys is the former American Bar Association Chairman for Insurance Law. He knows the game.

Our attorneys researched your rights in all 50 states and the legal right for you to be paid is the core of our business.

Our Offer to You

Our process is simple. One form and one simple contract and we will begin to collect the fees that are owed to you. You treated the patients and you are entitled to your fees.

The best part is that we will accept a percentage of the recovered fees. YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE AND EVERYTHING TO GAIN.

Recently, a semi retired physician in New York gave us almost $500,000 in fees owed from 2019! We were able to collect $200,000. You can imagine how happy he was when he received his check from us!!!!

Another physician sent us $200,000 in aged accounts receivables and we collected $100,000 in less than one month!

  • Easy enrollment
  • No Risk to You
  • Collect money that was deemed “uncollectible”



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