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Are We Living in America or a Land of No Freedom of Choice?

Virtually every day, there is a story about something that we cannot eat or drink…or DRIVE. I am a car fanatic and when I travel to Europe, I see all of the fuel efficient and cool cars that we cannot have because of our burdensome regulations – Citroen, Alfa Romeo, Peugeot, Renault (most are French, perhaps THAT explains it – LOL), Opel (owned by GM) and Ford of Europe and Australia (will not export many types of cars to the US market). The Ford Falcon is still being produced…but not for use in the USA.

Anyway, I read on the internet today that NYC has now banned the delivery of 2 liter Coca Cola with PIZZA delivery. Hey, Bloomberg, guess what ya clueless bureaucrat, PIZZA ain’t real healthy either! Why don’t you ban delivery of that too? Eateries are now banned from serving soft drinks in a size larger than SIXTEEN ounces in NYC. Bloomberg has taken action against salt, sugar, trans fat, smoking and baby formula. While these may be noble causes, this is AMERICA and we are allowed to be unhealthy.  We are allowed to be a lot of things and it is not the government’s role to regulate BEHAVOIR!!

Coca Cola

Does this idiot think that DIET Coca Cola is healthy??? Many suggest that is may be unhealthier than regular Coca Cola…but in any event, who are these bureaucrats that keep ramming this stuff down our throats (pun intended). THIS IS AMERICA, and AMERICA is SUPPOSED to be synonymous with “freedom of choice”. Coca Cola has Ryan Seacrest as a spokesperson…is wholesome, pure Ryan Seacrest advocating bad behavior? Would he be beanned from drinking it in NYC?

I have stated it before and I will state it again…it is not the politicians’ fault that these things happen; it is OUR collective fault for electing these well-intentioned, but delusional idiots. Nothing will change until we have a better quality of politician…and who would want to run the way the media eviscerates anyone short of Mother Teresa (God rest her soul). Oops, I said “God”…now the media will eviscerate me for writing a religious blog…


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